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Our Energetic Team at TutorFind constists of Duncan, Ryan, Charles, Jordan, Ivo, Rachel, Zach.

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The TutorFind Song

-Written By Sioned & Oliver. 2012

Come on All, you big strong minds. Put your trust in the TutorFind.
Learners come from all around, I once was lost, but now am found.
Subjects come from one on one, we're gonna have a whole lot of fun.


Its One, Two, Three. What are we learning for?
To understand and so much more. Tutorfind unlocks the door.
And its Five, Six, Seven.
Tutors are really great, well there's so much time, to wonder why.
Come on, lets give it a try.

Well confident students love to learn.
Watch their mind work as the world turns
They understand your individual needs.
They have the key to help a child succeed.
Feeling down, well they'll pick you up son.
Come on, we'll have a whole lot of fun


They got Math and Biology, and Physics Too.
Come on, lets give it a try.
And En-Francais if it will suit you!
Come on, lets give it a try.
And Duncan McDougall is the man!
Come on, lets give it a try.
TutorFind is fresh and Positive!

Together we specialize in Tutoring the following subjects: Team Presentation Coaching, Accounting, Algebra, Astronomy, Bioc, Biology, Business, Calculus, Chemistry, ESL, Economics, English, English Literature, Finance, French, G.E.D. Preparation, G.R.E., Geography, Higher Mathematics, International Human Resources, Italian, Marketing, Math, Mathematical Computing, MicroBiology, Number Skills, Physics, Psychology, Quantitative Methods, Rapid Calculations, Research Methods, SAT Preparations, Science, Social Sciences, Social Studies, Sociology, Spanish, Statistics, Trigonometry, WTTP, and more.

TutorFind is a group of educators dedicated to inspiring, challenging, nurturing and empowering learners to reach their educational goals. They are committed to encouraging the human values of caring and sharing. They are a tutoring service whose members share a deep desire for teaching and learning.

Every individual has a preferred learning style. TutorFind offers a friendly and supportive environment for learners with a wide variety of learning abilities.

TutorFind accepts that people learn in different ways and at different rates and teaches the student, not the subject.

TutorFind celebrates the achievements of all its learners. TutorFind is motivated to be recognized as an effective educational facility and to be seen as an asset by the local community.