Student Testimonials:

Duncan is amazing at how he helps people learn. He can get a sense of where the student is coming from and fit the material so that the student understands. He has worked with many people who have an autism spectrum disorder, and has been able to show them how to lean effectively.
Katherine Paxton
Counsellor at Katherine Paxton Counselling Services and Mental Health Director at Focus Ability WorkAble Solutions
November 19, 2013
Duncan is passionate about teaching math and inspiring all those who are fortunate to find and have him as a tutor. He has the rare element of knowing how to not only teach the curriculum but design it to the learning style of each individual student. My daughter took those same learning tools given to her in her high school studies and used them to excel through completion of her University courses.
Peter West
President and Board Member at Godin Rock Resources Inc.
March 19, 2016
I had a great experience with my tutors, Duncan and Ryan. They are fantastic, knowledgable mentors. My confidence in math and physics increased drastically! Great teachers explain things in such a way that make complex subjects easy to follow
Mauricio Pampin
I am so pleased to have discovered TutorFind and its CEO, Duncan McDougall. My daughter has been attending tutoring sessions with Duncan for the last two months for Pre-Calculus 11 and 12. The results have been fabulous! She is confident and feels comfortable asking him questions in order to clarify her understanding of the concepts. Duncan is patient, kind, knowledgeable, and passionate about what he is teaching. He cares about my daughter’s success and teaches with encouragement and positive reinforcement. With Duncan’s continued efforts with my daughter, I have no doubt that she will complete Pre-Calculus 12 to a high standard. Perhaps, some of his passion for the subject will transfer to her!
Lisa Liew
July 19, 2016
Tutor Find threw me a life line when I was drowning in self-doubt and treading on the thought of giving up. I booked a session with Duncan as recommended by a former student regarding a Calculus II course that was standing between me and my long term goal to obtain a designation as a Professional Geoscientist. Duncan not only taught me the course material but he taught me what was possible when you dig deep and see your own potential. He understood my learning style and catered to my specific needs providing different approaches when something wasn't “clicking”. As a working professional, he worked with my schedule and made it work. Duncan doesn’t just tutor his students but he brings out the best in each and everyone of them to help them achieve their goals and understand their potential to achieve. I would send anyone looking for course assistance to Duncan or anyone on his team in a heartbeat.
Allison Waldick
Environmental Geoscientist/ Environmental Consultant with TerraWest Environmental Ltd
July 26, 2016
Ryan has a unique way of delivering information in a highly organized and sophisticated way, his style is even more effective than professors that are holding Phd's, I have took more than Math, Physics and Statistics course with him and he have gone beyond my expectations, and I have aced all my courses since I started working with him!
Qasim Alabdrabalreda
Project Engineer, Special Projects Group At Wood Group Mustang.
May 22, 2014
Ryan is tops in his field. His knowledge of Physics and Statistics combined with his great ability to teach and to instruct make him one of the best in the industry.
Duncan McDougall
Proprietor / Director at TutorFind and Owner, TutorFind Learning Center
September 18, 2013
I am recommending Ryan because he is a great teacher who have had amazing results.
Nichola Watson
Owner "O'Natural"
September 9, 2012
Charles is a solid dependable associate whose work ethic is beyond reproach and whose ability to relate to his students is stellar. He is a easy-going, honest and respectful individual. I truly consider Charles as an asset to our growing company and a real team player. His previous employment shows that Charles has never shied away from hard work and responsibility.
Duncan McDougall
Owner/Manager of Tutorfind
Charles is a conscientious employee, honest, hard working with a good attitude and demeanour. He learned a lot over the period he worked for us and applied his personal skills to assisting our guests enjoy their stay at Pine Cove.
N. Alex. Strachan
Owner/Manager The Lodge at Pine Cove ON
Charles took two labour economics classes with me in the final year of his degree and was among the top 10 percent of students in the courses. He worked hard, attended classes and participated in all aspects of the curriculum. He impressed me with his clear interest in the topics and ability to understand and apply the concepts being taught. He will no doubt make an excellent addition for any position requiring an economics background.
Dr. Herbert J. Schultz
Professor in the Department of Economics at the UVic