Conor Whyte is a fully licensed and certified B.C. Teacher with a 5 year B’Ed degree from the University of Victoria. He also holds TESL certification and is a member of B.C. TEAL and TESL Canada.

Conor worked for nearly 7 years in South Korea and recently returned home to Canada in late 2014.

While in South Korea, Conor worked as an employee of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, building the first-ever English program at Youngran Girls’ middle school in Jungran-Gu, Dongbu in Northeastern Seoul. Conor helped direct the English department staff to create and deliver modernized English language resources, a new middle school curriculum, and multimedia content for both his school and the Dongbu area School District over a 3 year period from 2008 – 2011.

After working with SMOE he worked with KIS (Korea International School), Seoul Foreign School, SIS Canada and as a subcontractor with LG Display (HQ) Twin Tower and the R&D Center as a teacher trainer, English/Japanese tutor and translator of technical manuals for LCD/OLED panels.

Conor has a background in Japanese language and Visual Arts (including computer graphics, animation and web design) in Education. He is also able to teach ESL, computer hardware, including DIY system construction, MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems and is a strong advocate of Open Source Technology.

Conor maintains an active membership with both the HackerSpace and Maker-space Seoul groups. He has also helped build several java applications and has even helped test new firmware for yoctopuce, a sensor board company based out of Geneva Switzerland.

From April of 2016 to March of 2017,  Conor volunteered at VIRCS (Victoria Refugee Centre Society) to help deliver various education programs to newcomers and Syrian refugee families.

In his spare time, Conor enjoys building electronics, embedded systems using 32/64bit ARM architecture, PIC micro-controllers, programing arduinos, building high powered lasers, subtropical gardening, cooking and learning languages.

      Conor actively contributes to several online forums dedicated to the construction of high powered lasers, high voltage equipment, amateur Gamma Spectroscopy and amateur radiation detection.