“Tutor Find threw me a lifeline when I was drowning in self-doubt and treading on the thought of giving up. I booked a session with Duncan as recommended by a former student regarding a Calculus II course that was standing between me and my long term goal to obtain a designation as a Professional Geoscientist. Duncan not only taught me the course material but he taught me what was possible when you dig deep and see your own potential. He understood my learning style and catered to my specific needs providing different approaches when something wasn’t “clicking”. As a working professional, he worked with my schedule and made it work. Duncan doesn’t just tutor his students but he brings out the best in each and everyone of them to help them achieve their goals and understand their potential to achieve. I would send anyone looking for course assistance to Duncan or anyone on his team in a heartbeat.”




Allison Waldick
Environmental Geoscientist/ Environmental Consultant with TerraWest Environmental Ltd
July 26, 2016